Hans Berlin

Rugged muscle daddy Hans Berlin strips out of his sports kit to reveal a broad, powerful, hairy chest and big biceps. He rubs the bulge in his shiny sports shorts then pulls out his uncut cock, gently sliding the foreskin back and forth, the head moist with precum. It's a good size and thick, too! Taking off his shorts, we see his incredible legs in all their glory, big and very muscular. Hans works on his cock slow and it's so hard it throbs. As he leaks more precum, he rubs it in. He jerks off a little, then flexes his muscles a bit, playing with his nipples, his cock standing at attention. He goes back to horny cock play as he stands over us then moves to the sofa. There, Hans continues stroking his cock, producing more precum. He edges himself a while then starts to build, wanking harder and faster. And the edging clearly built up a lot of pressure in his balls, because when he shoots, it's explosive. Spunk squirts up clear over his shoulders! Hans squeezes the rest of his jizz out as he catches his breath. Hot Daddy!
Featuring:  Hans Berlin
Release Date: 04/26/2022