Jack Green

Super cute Jack Green is confident, with a great smile and a deep sexy voice. He talks about sex, what he likes, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins, with Jack stripping down to his white briefs. He has a hot, fit body, and an impressive hard bulge in his undies, moist with precum. Taking out his cock, Jack slides his foreskin back and forth over the head, rubbing the precum in. He then takes off his undies and gets down to some hot solo action. As he plays with his big dick, he plays with his nipples and strokes his athletic, perfect body. On the sofa, Jack works up more precum, showing it to the camera. Jerking off nice and slow, Jack gives plenty of sexy looks to the camera. He speeds up, and as he gets close, his muscles bulge and tighten, shiny with sweat. Jack jerks off hard, till jizz pumps out thick and heavy over his tight six pack, all shown in horny slow motion. He squeezes out every last drop giving a final sexy look to camera.
Featuring:  Jack Green
Release Date: 05/10/2022