Jason Domino

Handsome, chiselled skinhead Jason Domino chats first. He describes himself as bisexual, and versatile with men, and talks about what he is into, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins with Jason lifting his top to reveal his tight pecs and ripped abs. He rubs his crotch, it swells, and he takes off his shorts. Jason sports a whopping great bulge in his sports briefs, clearly possesses a huge pair of balls and a big dick too, which is only semi. He rubs and squeezes his bulge for a bit and it swells even more. Taking off his undies, his big cock springs out and you can see right away he does have a big pair of bollox! He plays with his dick, and it gets rock solid, its a good eight inches, uncut, plenty of foreskin and a real nice thickness too. He squeezes out precum, rubs in around the head, then jerks off nice and slow for a bit, giving us tons of very horny shots. Jason stands, jerking off over us, he has very strong, nicely muscled legs too. He plays with his dick some more, plus foreskin action, and some hands free shots, he puts on a great show. Back on the sofa, he starts to build himself up, wanking harder and faster, his muscles tighten and bulge as he gets close, he works his cock hard, then the spunk starts pumping out thick and fast all over his sweaty six pack. Sensational!
Featuring:  Jason Domino
Release Date: 02/07/2023