Luke D and AJ Alexander - Part 1

We have a sensational pairing here, with hot, super hung, ripped lads Luke Desmond and AJ Alexander taking turns sucking and fucking each other with their massive uncut dicks. They both got majorly into it, both being versatile, and both loving a huge cock just as much as the next guy. It was a very strong, passionate session, and a lot happened. So to show you all the best stuff its been split into two parts. Part one is a super hot big dick suckathon. The lads start off in shiny football kit, a bit of kissing, groping and nippleplay, then getting a feel of each others heavy tackle swinging under their loose shorts. They pull out each others dicks and, although Luke is not hard yet, his big schlong hangs heavy. AJ is rock solid, a really fat beercan thick dick with a nice upward curve. AJ gets down onto his knees to get Luke hard with some hot, deep oral action, swallowing it to the base, making it harden and thicken till it swells to a solid nine inches. He then gives an intense sucking, going deep, with loads of spit, and getting facefucked. AJ stands and Luke kneels to face the challenge of AJ's super fat rock hard meat. He licks the head for a bit, getting it really wet, then starts sucking on it, his mouth stretched as wide as it will go. AJ pushes it in as deep as he can and Luke struggles a bit but clearly loves it. Laying on their sides on the sofa now, they take turns on each other some more, with tons more very hot monstercock slurping. With both lads gagging to fuck each other, AJ gives Luke's arse a deep, wet tongue job. He's gonna need it to take that monster! At the start of part 2...
Featuring:  AJ Alexander, Luke Desmond
Release Date: 05/12/2023