Luke Vogel

Blue eyed hottie Luke Vogel is a tall, confident, masculine lad. He chats about sex, the type of guy he goes for, and competitive swimming. Luke takes off his top to reveal his fit smooth, swimmers body - broad strong shoulders, tight pecs and six pack. Luke rubs the growing bulge inside his shiny sports shorts. Pulling them down, he reveals an impressive package in his white undies. After stroking and squeezing himself, he takes off his undies. Luke's huge cock springs out, big and uncut, with a thick solid shaft. Luke works up a bit of precum as he jerks off, then rubs lube into his big meat. It throbs even bigger than before as Luke plays with it, showing it off to the camera. Standing, a thick heavy semi hanging between his legs, Luke reaches for the lube and rubs it in. His cock hardens and he gets down to some hot jerk off action before returning to the sofa, where he jerks off steady. His muscles soon start to bulge and tighten as he gets close, now wanking hard. The spunk pumps out thick and creamy onto his abs and pubic hair, with more jizz dripping down his fingers. Tasty!
Featuring:  Luke Vogel
Release Date: 05/03/2022