Theo Ford

With model good looks, tall and muscular Irish lad, Theo Ford, tells us how he keeps fit, and the type of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins. Theo rubs the already throbbing bulge in his shiny Adidas running shorts. Stripping down to his undies, Theo rubs his hard pecs and nipples, then pulls down his briefs. His stiff dick springs out, and he slides his foreskin back and forth. Theo jerks off slow, giving plenty of sexy looks as he stands over us, then gives us some hot hands free action as he plays with his nipples, his hard meat pointing straight up. Laying back on the sofa, Theo pours plenty of lube over his cock, massaging it in. Some very hot point of view shots, and great solo action, and he gradually builds himself up, jerking off harder and faster. His muscles tighten and bulge as he gets close. Wanking hard now, Theo works his dick fast, till the spunk erupts in a massive cum shot, squirting all the way up his chest, shown in horny slow motion. Theo pumps out every last drop, giving a final sexy look to camera. Hot stuff!
Featuring:  Theo Ford
Release Date: 04/19/2022