Tom Strong

If you like your men handsome and rugged, big and beefy, you're gonna love this bloke. Tom Strong is a huge guy, having played semi pro rugby since his teens, and been powerlifting for eight years. He has the biggest legs I've ever seen on a guy, seriously massive thighs, all solid muscle. He has a powerful chest, slightly hairy, and his biceps are huge, too. Standing in sports kit, Tom rubs the bulge in his shorts as he strips out of his top, playing with his firm nipples a bit, then stripping to his underwear. Tom strokes the semi inside his briefs, then pulls it out. He jerks off nice and slow. His cock is a good size and thickness. Tom flexes for us as his stiff dick throbs then goes back to cock play. On the sofa, Tom leans back, legs apart, and continues playing with his meat. Hee jerks off steady, giving sexy little looks into camera, and flexes his biceps for us again. He wanks for a bit, gradually building up and working his dick harder and faster, till he squirts a pretty explosive jet of spunk up and over his body, with more jizz pumping out and dripping down over his fingers, giving us one final horny look.
Featuring:  Tom Strong
Release Date: 05/31/2022