Chris Edwards

Chris has a very boyish, young look, but he is surprisingly confident and masculine. We had a brief chat first, and when he talks, he looks you right in the eye, very direct, and he does have a glint, a sparkle, its hard to put your finger on it, but you can see it in the interview. He has the kind of looks and body that if you like twinky types, you will def appreciate. When he takes off his top, he has a very cute body, pale and very smooth - not fully developed yet. His legs are very nicely developed, given his slim frame. He plays with himself, getting his cock hard, and then takes off his shorts to wank for us. For the foot lovers out there, he has really nice perfect feet! So I got some shots of them, too. For me, the best part is when he gets close to shooting his load - his legs tense up and the muscles tighten and bulge, and you can see how fit he really is. Very cute!
Featuring:  Chris Edwards
Release Date: 05/16/2023