Jake Dylan

Jake is just 18, and a super cute, gay, masculine lad. He chats first, very sexy voice, and he is confident and friendly. The solo then begins, with Jake in shiny sports kit on the sofa. He rubs his bulge, takes off his top and plays with his nipples as he strokes and squeezes his bulge. Pulling off his shorts, Jake's dick throbs inside his skimpy jockstrap. Taking it off, his hard cock springs out, rock solid. It's big, thick, and uncut. Jake slides his foreskin back and forth, then jerks off nice and slow, giving us plenty of cute little looks. He rubs lube into his cock, making it glisten, holding it at the base, and showing it off. Jake stands now, giving us hot, hands free action. His cock stays solid as he plays with his nipples, then he wanks slowly. Some great shots here! Back on the sofa, Jake works his throbbing cock, gradually building, wanking a bit harder and faster. His breathing gets heavier as he gets closer. Then he sprays a powerful squirt of jizz right up to his nipples, followed by more spunk over his abs. He squeezes out the last few drops, and gives a final sexy look to camera.
Featuring:  Jake Dylan
Release Date: 12/06/2022