Jim D

Those of you who like straight lads, will enjoy 21 year old Jim D. He's more than happy to get his kit off, showing you his tight little body. At 5'6" he is a little lad, but big on confidence, with a cute cheeky smile. We start off with an interview, where he talks about football, and says he thinks his bum is his best feature. After the chat, Jim rubs his cock over his shorts, lifting his top to show off his tight 6 pack, firm pecs and slightly hairy nipples, which he rubs and plays with. Then he moves to the sofa and rubs his cock some more before getting it out the side of his shorts to jerk off for us. Jim has thick unshaved pubes but quite smooth balls, and he has a little play with them too. He gets himself rock solid and takes his time playing with it, showing it off to the camera, keeping it stiff and throbbing. We get lots of nice shots of it, before he goes for it, shooting a pretty big load over his tight little 6 pack. We like these straight boys who knock one out for the gay lads!
Featuring:  Jim D
Release Date: 11/15/2022