Jordan Fox and James Carter

Hot, muscled skinhead, Jordan Fox is a dominant, aggressive top with a seriously thick dick and a permanent hard on. Curious, cute str8 muscle boy, James Carter, who loves arse play, dared to see if he could take it. The result is an intense, seriously horny scene, with a lot of arseplay, hole stretching and awesome fuck action. James was excited but nervous about the thickness of Jordan's cock but the thought made both of them rock hard from the outset. James wastes little time feeling up, gripping and massaging Jordan's girth. When they take their tops off, Jordan sucks on James's nipples. Jordan turns him round to get a feel of his spectacular arse. Str8 lad James won't kiss, but he will suck, so Jordan pushes him onto his knees. James doesn't suck deep, but he gets it good and wet, spitting on it and jerking him off. James sits back on the sofa, holding his stiff uncut dick upright for Jordan to suck. Jordan kneels starts sucking, deep and firm, jerking James off and spitting on his cock. After some great sucking, Jordan pushes James's legs up, exposing his hole. Jordan spits on and rubs James's wet hole with his thumb, then pushes his thumb in, easing it as far as it will go. Jordan pushes his thumb in and out, twisting his hand round, then pushes two fingers in. Sliding them in and out, he twists them round, really opening James up, stretching that tight straight hole. James leans against the sofa with Jordan standing behind him, teasing his hole before pushing the tip in and out a few times. He then pushes in halfway, which is as much as James can take to start. He's pretty vocal as he then eases himself back, gradually taking the entire length. Jordan starts to fuck, showing plenty of length. He doesn't go deep but every now and again he plunges hard, all the way in. It's a punishing fuck, but James is rock hard throughout. On all fours, James pushes back. Jordan grips that big muscular ass firmly as he pushes in and starts fucking. He leans back as he fucks, giving us some awesome shots, looking down at James as his arse takes an intense stretching and pounding. On his back, on the sofa, James jerking himself off as Jordan keeps fucking, harder and harder. When James can't take any more he has to shoot. The first few spurts of jizz shoot out with such power they go clear over his shoulder. It's a big, powerful cumshot and I show it twice, in real time, then slo mo. Jordan pulls out and jerks off hard. That thick meat spunks all over his chest and dribbles in thick hot streams over his hand and fingers. He opens his mouth and licks the thick spunk off his fingers, looking deep into the camera. He is one seriously hard and horny fucker!
Featuring:  James Carter, Jordan Fox
Release Date: 01/19/2021