Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks is a proper lad in every sense. He walks, talks and acts like a real East London geezer. I told him he reminded me of Danny Dyer, and he laughed, ‘Yeah, alot of people say that! But for me, Matt is a lot sexier than him. In person he oozes sex – he is confident, chatty, with a laddish swagger and cheeky smile, and an easy going manner. He goes the gym, and has a really solid body, nice chest, with a little piercing in his nipple, and a great pair of legs. He looks fit in his Adidas vest and little black shiny shorts, and before we have even started filming, he has solid cock. He rubs it over his shorts first, and plays with his nipples, before pulling his vest up behind his shoulders, revealing that hot bod. His cock is straining to get out by this point, and he finally gets it out the side of his shorts – what a perfect dick! 7 and a half inches, and thick – really thick at the base. He plays with it, and jerks off slowly, changing position to give us some great shots of it. As he works it, he starts to ooze precum – very nice! Finally he gets up onto his knees and shoots a really big thick load, and lots of it. Tasty!
Featuring:  Matt Brooks
Release Date: 08/25/2023